Our strapline and aim is “To get York people where they want to be, when they want to be there, in a manner that is affordable, reliable and convenient”.

Our objectives are to:
a. represent the interests of bus users in and around York
b. encourage people to use the buses
c. campaign for the enhancement of bus services and public transport information
d. act as a focal point between bus users, bus operators and local authorities.


Our Constitution – as agreed at our AGM on April 4th 2017 YBF Constitution – Final

Key tasks for the Forum going forward are:

  1. How we ensure York bus service users know about the Bus Forum and see us as the people who speak for them.
  2. How we can best influence bus operators and Councils to maintain rural services and evening and Sunday journeys, as well as those parts of the city which are difficult to serve economically, at a time of declining Council funding for socially necessary bus services.
  3. How we establish ourselves such that we are the first organisation to be consulted about changes to services.
  4. How we can support the improvement in the quality, reliability and affordability of local bus services so they become attractive to a wider range of people, and can generate further service improvements off the back of that.
  5. How far we join with other like-minded bodies to form an environmentally strong transport lobby group which the media come to whenever bus-related issues arise in the city or on routes serving it, and which influences bus operators and the Council.