York’s next Local Transport Plan – What should be included?

York’s next Local Transport Plan – What should be included?

Posted: 23 September 2019

Our meeting on 17th September included a thought-provoking presentation on what should be included in York’s next Local Transport Plan by Professor Tony May – Chair of York Civic Trust’s Transport Advisory Group and Emeritus Professor, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds.

A PDF of the slides is at: adm YBF 170919

Since this meeting, the Forum has been working with York Civic Trust and York Environment Forum on a public engagement strategy to form an input to York’s next Local Transport Plan. A city-wide consultation was held in September 2019 and the results were published on 10th January. See: http://yorkcivictrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Qa-YorkTransport-Report-printer-friendly.pdf

The responses to this survey will feed into the plan, work on which is now expected to be started next year.

A Citizens’ Transport Forum, drawn from those who completed the survey, will shortly be established to discuss and review the implications of the responses, and to work with the Council as it develops its Plan.

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