YBF Community Transport Working Group

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Statement of support from Rachael Maskell MP  (10th August 2018):

“Community Transport provides vital services for people requiring access to services and can be a lifeline to people to help them to get out of their homes and to meet with others and maintain a level of independence. I welcome York Community Transport Group’s initiative to provide the Hospibus, to enable people to make their appointments at hospital”.

The YBF Community Transport WG was established in 2017 to enhance accessibility to buses in York. Our core members are Rosie Baker, John Bibby and Eleanor Tew.

With our help, the York Community Transport Group was established. This is a consortium of disabled advocacy groups, many of whom have their own buses.

Related proposals include  TaxiBus  and HospiBus services.

  • HospiBus is a shared vehicle taking people to and from York Hospital whenever regular bus routes cannot satisfy individual needs.
  • Taxibuses are a more general concept, not tied to the hospital.

Both are at planning stage. They aim to provide services for people of all types and categories, while concentrating on the most needy. In developing the TaxiBus and Hospibus ideas we have been helped by Hampshire County Council who have considerable experience in this area. The following links describe their services and give helpful guidance about how we may set up similar services in York: 

The following page is also useful advice regarding how to establish transport needs: