YBF Working Groups

The YBF Committee delegates much of its work to small Working Groups (WGs), who draft suggestions and documents for discussion around the Forum. Some of these groups are set up to address an important current issue for York’s bus users and may not continue on a regular basis.

Our WGs include the following:

  • the YBF Bus Station Working Group produced a report entitled “Better than a Bus Station?”. This proposed a modern bus interchange on the southern side of the station near where Cycle Heaven now is, with a walk/cycle bridge going over to the north “York Central” side of the station. “Better than a Bus Station?” is available here.
    • The YBF “Better than a Bus Station?” report formed a major part of our response to the Council’s “Station Front” consultation. This response is available here.
  • the YBF “Route Champions” Working Group: these are our “local experts” who use the individual routes. Is your route here? If not, please email jb43@york.ac.uk and I’ll try to enlist you as Route Champion for that route!
    • Currently the following routes have “Route Champions”:
      • Park and Ride Routes
      • Route 4 (Acomb: volunteers please?!)
      • Route 10 & Stamford Bridge Routes
      • Route 13
      • Route 20
      • Routes 42 and 42S (Selby:  John Cattanach) – see here
      • Wilberfoss Routes
      • Easingwold Routes
      • Coastliner Routes
  • the YBF Parliamentary Committees Working Group