YBF Working Groups

[[Currently under Construction]]

The YBF Committee delegates much of its work to small Working Groups (WGs), who draft suggestions and documents for discussion around the Forum.  Our WGs include the following:

  • the YBF Bus Station Working Group has produced a report entitled “Better than a Bus Station?”. This proposes a modern bus interchange on the southern side of the station near where Cycle Heaven now is, with a walk/cycle bridge going over to the north “York Central” side of the station. “Better than a Bus Station?” is available here.  It will be discussed at the YBF Open Meeting in West Offices at 5.30 on Tuesday 18th September 2018.
    • The YBF “Better than a Bus Station?” report formed a major part of our response to the Council’s “Station Front” consultation. This response is available here.
  • the YBF York Central Consultative Forum (YCCF) Working Group
  • the York Council Consultations WG: this currently includes consultations on
    • Scarborough Bridge
    • York StationFront, and
    • Wigginton Road.
  • the YBF Parish Councils Working Group
  • the YBF “Route Champions” Working Group: these are our “local experts” who use the individual routes. Is your route here? If not, please email jb43@york.ac.uk and I’ll try to enlist you as Route Champion for that route!
    • Currently the following routes have “Route Champions”:
      • Park and Ride Routes
      • Route 4 (Acomb: volunteers please?!)
      • Route 10 & Stamford Bridge Routes
      • Route 13
      • Route 20
      • Routes 42 and 42S (Selby:  John Cattanach) – see here
      • Wilberfoss Routes
      • Easingwold Routes
      • Coastliner Routes
  • the YBF Parliamentary Committees Working Group