Station Front Development – York Bus Forum Questions Public Consultation

Station Front Development – York Bus Forum Questions Public Consultation

Posted: 13 August 2020


York Bus Forum’s response to the revised Station Front plans is to ask why so little has changed, and what happened to public consultation?

Demolition of Queen Street Bridge and the space it creates gives York a once in a lifetime opportunity to work towards a major transport interchange at the railway station. York City Council have worked on this development for 2 years but have come up with an unimaginative proposal which does little to encourage use of public transport, lengthens walking distances, fails to encourage cycle use and inadequately addresses city centre pollution.

“We should aim to make York the best of visitor destinations, and at the same time give residents the best possible public transport.” said Alan Robinson of York Bus Forum. “We fully understand that the Station Front budget is limited, but with proper forward planning it could and should be the first step towards that longer-term goal, the integrated bus/rail interchange so many people have rightly called for.”

Joining up bus, cycling and rail travel more efficiently, and reducing walking distances will help encourage a reduction in cross-city car use, congestion, and pollution.

The Bus Forum plan permits buses to turn at the station and provides capacity for all Park and Ride services to terminate there, so station parking can be moved to Park and Ride sites. That avoids having to build the new multi-storey long-stay car park the Council have been made to include in the current plans. The car-park budget would be far better spent on things that reduce traffic on the inner ring road.

Having all buses connect with the station allows a better passenger information service. The proposals are also in line with the City of York Council policy of reducing private car use in the centre.

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Note to Editors

York Bus Forum is over 4 years old and provides a means by which bus users in the city can meet and discuss issues with representatives of the bus operators, City of York Councillors and the Council Transport Team. It has over 50 members and several affiliated Parish Councils and usually meets monthly.

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