Station Front Development – let’s make best use of space!

Station Front Development – let’s make best use of space!

Posted: 05 July 2020

The demolition of Queen Street Bridge and the space it creates gives York a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a major transport interchange at the railway station. But by being conservative, the Council are in danger of seeing this chance wasted.
York Bus Forum have developed more ambitious plans making the station a destination for all major bus services, improving pedestrian access and the safety and convenience of cyclists.
“It is vitally important that we ensure that York remains a favourable destination for visitors and that the residents have a properly functioning public transport system centred around the railway station” said Alan Robinson of the Bus Forum and author of the proposals. The ideas have been submitted to York Council and discussed with Andy D’Agorne, the Executive Member for Transport and a number of Councillors.
Understandably, Council decisions currently have to be taken in online meetings with limited public access, so we felt that through the media we should invite the people of York to show their support for turning the station into York’s key public transport hub.
By joining up bus, cycling and rail travel in the most efficient manner and reducing walking distances we can help encourage a reduction in cross city car use, congestion, and pollution.
The plan permits buses to turn at the station and provides capacity for all Park and Ride services to terminate there, so station parking can be moved to Park and Ride sites, avoiding the need to build the new multi-storey long-stay car park the Council have been made to include in the current plans.
Having all buses connect with the station allows a better passenger information service. A pedestrian underpass reduces walking distances and improves safety. The proposals are in line with the City of York Council policy of reducing private car use in the centre, and with the additional funding awarded to the Council are affordable.

York Station Front: Objectives and Principles 

This was produced in conjunction with York Civic Trust and York Environment Forum, following a meeting with members and officers of the Council on 27th September 2019.   It sets out the policy objectives which we suggest the Council should aim to achieve, the strategy which it might adopt generally and specifically for public transport and, based on these, the principles which the redevelopment of York Station Front should aim to achieve. Read more: York Station Front Development – Objectives and Principles[7967]

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