No Moorsbus – Not the 2020 Vision we Wanted!

No Moorsbus – Not the 2020 Vision we Wanted!

Posted: 20 March 2020

The Moorsbus Team have issued the following message regarding this year’s Moorsbus services.

“In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, you’ll probably not be surprised that we have reluctantly decided to cancel Moorsbus operations for 2020. This hasn’t been an easy decision especially as we know that Moorsbus is often a spiritual lift for those who are lonely or isolated, as well as for those who want to enjoy the healthy opportunities offered by a visit to the Moors. So we understand that this will be a blow, but we want to be responsible towards the whole of society.

Our operators (Arriva, First York, Reliance and York Pullman) have generously agreed to cancel the contracts we had established and we’re asking our funders to help us get our services back on the road as soon as practicable. If the disease abates during the summer, and government advice suggests we can get back to providing a safe service later on, we’ll try and provide a shorter season for you.

We’re also aware that Moorsbus passengers provide a very important income for many small rural businesses, so we want to ensure that we’re able to sustain our local businesses as best we can in the future.

Sadly, this would have been the 40th Anniversary of Moorsbus so we won’t be able to celebrate that. But we’ll work hard to ensure that when we’re back, Moorsbus will offer the very best we possibly can.

Lastly, we sincerely wish you, your family and friends continued safety and good health at this difficult time.

Helen, Bill and Eden

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