Members Meeting on 16th July 2019

Members Meeting on 16th July 2019

Posted: 16 July 2019

A message from YBF’s chair …

Dear Friends,

The next open meeting of the York Bus Forum will be at 5.30 pm on Tuesday 16 July (at York Council’s West Offices).  The main business of the meeting will be to hear from Julian Ridge (Acting Head of Public Transport, York City Council).  Among the key issues on which he will report are:

Tenders:  the Council’s executive will consider the responses to the competitive tender exercise it undertook in order to secure operators for the provision of socially necessary local bus services in the York area which it subsidises.  The tenders were opened on 1 July and a report is to go to the CYC executive at 5.30 on 18 July.  Papers for committees are available on line one week before so by the time of our meeting we should have had an opportunity to read the paper on tenders for the 10 routes that were subject to tendering.
York station front:  if planning permission is given for the proposed changes to the area in front of the station it will then be possible to terminate services at the station.  We can discuss what changes we might want to see in bus service configuration.
Community Stadium:  The stadium will not open until 2020.  Access to and from the stadium and the use of special and service buses is an important matter for consideration.

There will be an opportunity to discuss other issues with Julian, time allowing.

We have also been asked to consider bus services that serve Rufforth.

The meeting is open to non members so please encourage others to attend.

Best wishes

Ray Walker

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