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Minutes, Presentations and other documents can be downloaded below: most recent first.


Very Light Rail Presentation 16 March 2021

VLR York Bus Forum – 16th March 2021

A link to the video which was shown is at: https://www.coventry.gov.uk/verylightrail

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Presentation 16 February 2021

WYCA YBF Presentation 160221

South Yorkshire Bus Review Presentation 19 January 2021

South Yorks YBF Presentation 190121

YBF Meeting Minutes Tuesday 19 Jan 21 Final


YBF Meeting Minutes Tuesday 15th December 2020

Demand Responsive Transport Presentation 15 December 2020

ArrivaClick_York _Summary

YBF 17 Nov 20 Meeting Minutes

York Bus Forum Presentation 17 November 2020

YBF Meeting 20-10 Minutes_GC

Meeting 15-09-20 minutes

YBF 2020 Simplified AGM 2020 -Result

YBF 2020 Simplified_AGM

AGM Financial Reports 2016-2019

2019 AGM Minutes

YBF meeting minutes 18-02-20_NM_GC

YBF meeting minutes 21-01-20


YBF Meeting Minutes 17-12-2019_GC

YBF meeting minutes 19-11-19_NM_GC

YBF meeting minutes 17-09-19_NM_GC

YBF meeting minutes 20-08-19_GC

York Bus Forum Background & Progress to Date Updated 030619

May_Minutes_2019_SI_RW_GC (1)

York Bus Forum AGM 170418 Mins_MH_GC

York Bus Forum Chair Annual Report March 2019

Minutes of meeting of 19 Feb 2019

Minutes of Forum mtg of 15 Jan 2019


YBF Committee meeting minutes of 18 December 2018

YBF Meeting Notes 20 Nov 2018 NM GC

YBF committee meeting minutes 16-10-2018 GB_GC_DM

Notes of YBF Meeting, 19.9.2018

YBF committee meeting minutes 17-07-2018 + DM 1

YBF Minutes 19 June 2018

YBF committee meeting minutes 15-05-2018 2

York Bus Forum AGM 170418 Mins_MH_GC

‘Towards a Public Transport Strategy for York’ – presentation to YBF AGM 17th April 2018

York Bus Forum Annual Report April 2018

March 2018: Minutes – March 2018 Presentation & Committee Meeting

January 2018: Minutes – January 2018 Members Meeting


December 2017: Minutes – December 2017 Committee Meeting

November 2017: Minutes – November 2017 Members Meeting

July 2017: Minutes – July 2017 Committee Meeting

April 2017: Minutes – YBF’s First AGM 4th April 2017

March 2017: Minutes – March 2017

February 2017: Minutes – February 2017

January 2017: Minutes – January 2017


December 2016:  Minutes – December 2016

November 2016:  Minutes – November 2016

October 2016:  Minutes – October 2016

July 2016: Radio York – “Proposed York bus cuts rolled back




25 November: YBF2: the YBF Response to CYC’s analysis of YBF1 (YBF’s Bus Interchange Proposal).

21 November: CYC2: CYC’s analysis of YBF1 (YBF’s Bus Interchange Proposal).

11 October: CYC’s response to YBF1.

8 JulyYBF1: YBF’s  Bus Station Report.

24 JuneCYC1: the CYC Station Front proposals.

18 September: Two documents relating to the meeting “Does York need a Bus Station” in West Offices at 5.30 on September 18th:

18 September: Press Release – Meeting on 19 September to be address by Julian Sturdy MP.

17 September:  Press Release – Meeting on 18 September re YBF Bus Station proposals.

13 September: Press Release – “Think Again on York Central: York Bus Forum call for York Central application to be withdrawn”.  Resulting story (18 September) in York Press here. This press release also resulted in two interviews on Radio York on 18 September: Alan Robinson at 8.50am and Graham Collett at 4.45pm.

8 September: Station Front Proposals: New Bus Interchange & Bridge over Railway – this 29-page document was prepared by YBF member Alan Robinson. It gives detailed plans for (a) a new Bus Interchange at York railway station, near where the long-stay carpark now is, and (b) a new walk/cycle bridge to join the front of York station with the new “York Central” development at the back on the “Teardrop” site. An earlier version of Alan’s document was included in “Better than a Bus Station?”: YBF’s Response to the CYC StationFront proposal  dated 8 July 2018 (see below).

5 September: Press Release – Statement from Rachael Maskell MP re extending free bus passes and meeting on 6th September to commemorate 10th anniversary of bus pass.

2 September: Press Release – Rally on 6th September to commemorate 10th anniversary of bus pass. News report “Bus pass celebration in York” here

26 August: Press Release – “£200k to save 90 seconds?”; CYC Wigginton/Haxby Road consultation.

12 August: Press Release –“York MP supports HospiBus proposal”.

9 July: Press Release – “Better than a Bus Station”; YBF proposals regarding front of York station, proposing a bus interchange and a walk-cycle bridge over to the York Central “Teardrop” site.

8 July: “Better than a Bus Station?”: YBF’s Response to the CYC Station Front proposalOur response to CYC’s “Station Front” proposals are generally supportive, except that we feel their provision for buses is poor compared with that allocated to taxis and private cars.  We propose and give detailed plans for

  • (a) a new Bus Interchange at York railway station, near where the long-stay carpark now is, and
  • (b) a new walk/cycle bridge to join the front of York station with the new “York Central” development at the back on the “Teardrop” site.

For an update of these plans, see 8 September above.

2 July: Press Release – Press Release plus 2-page summary of YBFs submission regarding CYC Station Front consultation. .


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Readers’ letters: Station bus stops…Tea Room Square…bus shelters…Nestlé link road
THANKS for your editorial and the picture showing the council’s station-front plans (“Not enough bus stops in scheme”, The Press, June 26).  Thursday 28 June 2018

What we need at York railway station is a bus interchange, says the York Bus Forum
Bus interchange idea for York station: Recent letters show considerable interest in York having a bus station. Tuesday 10 July 2018

Concerns over single lane traffic plans for Leeman Road tunnel: YORK’S biggest bus operator and opposition councillors have raised concerns about proposals to reduce the Leeman Road tunnel to a single lane for vehicles. Wednesday 25 July 2018

Four campaign groups slate York Central engagement process: FOUR campaign groups claim there have been ‘serious flaws’ in the public engagement process over the York Central development. Thursday 19 July 2018