Bus Services for York – a Customer Led Approach

Bus Services for York – a Customer Led Approach

Posted: 08 June 2021

On Tuesday 15th June, Marc Bichtemann (Managing Director of First Bus York) will be our guest speaker on ‘Bus Services for York – a Customer Led Approach’

Marc will be giving us his views on a customer focused approach to the implementation of the National Bus Strategy (NBS) and Enhanced Partnership (EP) in York.

The NBS (launched by the government on 15th March) and the council’s decision to opt for an EP – rather than franchising as chosen by Greater Manchester and favoured by the newly-elected Mayor of West Yorkshire – was outlined to us by Julian Ridge ( City of York Council’s Sustainable Transport Manager) at last month’s meeting. His presentation is at https://www.yorkbusforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/The-National-Bus-StrategyYBFpres.pdf

The meeting will be from 5.30 to 7pm and will be run using Zoom. 

Everyone is welcome. If you are not a member, do join us, and help improve and expand York’s bus network – it only costs a fiver! See https://www.yorkbusforum.org/join-us/

(photo courtesy First Bus)

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