Bus Rapid Transit – an option for York? Tuesday 20th April 2021

Bus Rapid Transit – an option for York? Tuesday 20th April 2021

Posted: 28 March 2021

A presentation by Shaun Millar, Business Development Manager – Bus Irizar UK Ltd (preceded by our AGM)

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is not a new concept. It is in operation in several cities in the UK, including Manchester, Cambridge and Portsmouth. However, there is now a big change with the introduction of electric buses (or in some cases trolleybuses) for most new schemes, with electric ‘tram style’ BRT Systems being introduced in many cities in Europe.

This presentation will complement last month’s on Very Light Rail, so that you can see the benefits and suitability for York of both types of system.

The use of emerging technology to improve the buses of the future opens up the option of having bus dedicated lanes in the city to move larger numbers of passengers around the key parts of the network.

Tonight’s talk looks at the future options and asks the question- although something liked this was tried in the past, is it time for a rethink?

The meeting will be from 5.45 to 7pm, using Zoom, and will be preceded by the YBF AGM at 1730 (for members only).

Everyone is welcome. If you are not a member (and we hope you will consider joining us) please see our Join Us page at: https://www.yorkbusforum.org/join-us/

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